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School Meal Benefit Eligibility Income Verification

What is Verification?

Every year, CharterChoice Collaborative (SFA) is required to select a small percentage of free and reduced price school meal applications for a process called verification. The free and reduced price school meal applications selected for verification will require a response from the household to verify the student(s) is eligible for school meal program benefits. 
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By not responding to this request your student will be changed to a “not eligible” meal status. This means that if your student(s) participate in the school meal program, then they may be charged for meals served.   

Families can re-apply with a new application and submission of income documentation. 

What Does This Mean for Me?

Your application has been selected for verification. You must send documentation about your household income or participation in applicable assistance programs. Please see additional information linked below. We do not need original documentation; copies are accepted - including electronic submissions (images including photos and scanned documents)  . 
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Step 1







Gather required documentation
    - Income documentation or 
    - Assistance program documentation

Step 2







Download and complete the Household Members Form

Step 3

Return documentation and completed Household Members Form to CharterChoice Collaborative (SFA) by the required date. 

You can submit documentation via mail, email or fax at the contact information below: 

9956 W. Remington Pl
Unit A10 #125
Littleton, CO 80128


Fax: 720 - 360-0175

Contact us if you have any questions - you can reach us by phone at 303-953-4170 or email at

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
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